Cute...I am Smart Too!!

Let’s teach our children to know who they are…. I am smart! I am creative!
I am strong! I am worthy! I am kind! I am resilient, I am compassionate!
I am knowledgeable! I am beautiful!

Welcome To Our Website Bright Eyes

An indigo perspective

Eager, Empathetic and Intelligent!

At Bright Eyez Productions

we see the world

from and an

indigo’s view.


Never To Early To Start

At BEP we know that learning starts in the womb. The mother is the first teacher. We provide content for expecting mothers a foundation of knowledge to ensure their little one is ready to learn. Find tips to create the perfect environment for you to stimulate the mind of your infant.

Take Time To Teach

Exposure is the best way to set a child on a path of lifelong knowledge. BEP is 
intentional in our use of arts and sciences to provide unique cultural experiences that shape and mold the way children see the world. Allowing 
children, the space to explore and create their future.

We Love Your Child Enough

To provide the entertaining learning experiences that are safe and developmentally appropriate. Allowing children to access entertainment content that represents authentic Hip Hop 
culture at each stage of development.

There Is Something Here For Everyone

We’ve got the Drip!

We set the trends!! Highlighting those who are brave enough to create their own style and flavor!! Developing leaders in fashion and creativity!!

Hip Hop Always in ALL ways!!

Encouraging learning through the culture we love. Knowledge is power!! HipHop has always been a culture designed to expose and enlighten.

Fun and Excitement!!

We provide engaging content that encourages interaction and 
socializing both in person and through virtual productions.

Something for you and your friends to enjoy together!!

Engaging experiences that can be shared with the entire family!